6 Ways to Bond with Your Teen

As a teen we think life will be full of joy and happiness. Age and the maturity of the mind plays a vital role when it comes to how the parents handle their children. They  might not accept all the things that are being carried out by their teen child. Parents might lose their control, emotions, and sometimes they may even scream at their child for their attitude.

The reasons for such behaviour are the external factors in the outside world that are controlling the child and also the generation gap with the revolution of the society and the social media makes things really difficult to bond with your teen child. Here are some useful tips that you can refer to that will help you connect with your child:

6 Ways to Bond with Your Teen

1. Face to Face Communication

Do not use social media to communicate with your children as it creates distances and you might find it very difficult to create an actual connection with them. Maybe your child might fall in the social media revolution, but as a parent, you should spend time in talking with them face-to-face. A normal 15-20 minutes conversation with your child can bring in a lot of change. When you start to talk with them face-to-face they will develop a friendly approach with you and will get more comfortable in communicating and interrogating with you.

2. Get Yourself Involved

Involvement does not mean you should take advantage and stalk your child. It means as a parent you should try and be a part of what they are doing, guiding them but giving them their space. For example: If they scored low in their exams, as a parent you should not let them lose their motivation. If they are interested in playing guitar, then you should allow them to play. If they love to sing, allow them to sing. Do not push them in a field they are not interested in.

3. Trust your teenager

As a parent, trusting a teenager to choose between right and wrong is very difficult. You need to set some rules for your child but at the same time, you should give them their space and let them learn with experiences no matter how difficult it is for you. If they do anything wrong for, give them a chance to make it right. Motivate them but let them lead their own fight.

4. Know their friends

As a parent, it is important that you know about the peer circle your child is a part of. Your child will not want you to meet his friends, children are very shy when it comes to that. Knowing his friends will help you understand him better and the kind of environment he lives in. When it is a concern of safety, which is the top priority with a teenager, you can make sure that your child is not involved in any sort of bad company.

5. Open your doors

When your child is coming to you to discuss some serious issues in his/her real life, listen to their problem and help them in figuring out a solution with an open mind without judging them.


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