Ways to Guide your Teen to Quit Smoking

Teen smoking is something that has become very common these days and it is important that you stop your teen from smoking right from the beginning (if you come to know about it) to promote a lifelong good health. Often teens start smoking due to various reasons like joining friends in the same act out of curiosity, urge of getting addicted to some pastime, psychological crisis, or forced addiction in some cases.

The ill effects of smoking are known to all – lung cancer, bronchial infections, heart diseases, reproductive troubles etc. It’s the duty of the parent to guide the adolescent with patience and care so that this sensitive issue does not take any drastic turn. Here are few ways to guide your teen and help him / her quit smoking –

guide your teen to quit smokingTalking

This is the first step that you need to undertake. You can tell your teen to stop smoking directly as it is a really important message but at the same time tell him or her why to do so. Ask him or her as why did he take up this habit and what were the influential factors. It is important for you to understand as why your teen is smoking as that would allow you to address to the problem in a better way. Suggest him or her to hang out with friends who do not smoke.

Ask your Teen to Give it in Writing

When you managed to convince your child to quit smoking, make him or her write on a piece of paper as what are the reasons as why he or she wants to quit smoking, it can be anything like gaining stamina for playing sports or even saving pocket money. After your teen finishes writing, have the paper put up in a place where it can be seen and ask him or her to keep adding more reasons as they pop into his or her head.

Set a Good Example

Children learn from their parents and it is said that parents are the most powerful influences to their children. The saying ‘action speaks louder than words’ hold true in this case as well and hence, if you can quit smoking (provided you are into smoking), then your children would do the same. And if you do not, then do not expect it from your children as well. You can at least stop smoking in the house and anywhere where your children are around.

These are the few things that you can do in order to stop your children from smoking and once, they have done it, make sure to reward them. But at the same time, be ready to witness withdrawal symptoms in them. Suggest sugarless gums, cinnamon sticks etc. during such times.


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