Excessive Blinking among Toddlers – Causes and Treatment

In general people blink for different reasons, like dry eyes, bright light, etc. For new born kids however the rate of blinking is pretty low, around 2 times per minute; when a baby blinks more than that it is called excessive blinking. There are a few reasons that may cause such blinking, and a few treatments which can help you to solve this problem. Here are the causes and the treatment of excessive blinking in babies.

Excessive blinking among toddlers causes and treatment

Excessive Blinking


There are several reasons which can lead to excessive blinking. Here are a few of them-

  • Tic- when there is a spasm in the muscle it is called tic. If there is spasm in the facial muscle then, a child will blink excessively.
  • Tourette’s syndrome- another reason that may lead to excessive blinking. But this is not a very common problem and is generally found among children between 3 to 10 years of age.
  • Allergies- one of the most common causes of excessive blinking. If the linking is accompanied with red eyes, itchiness etc, then it is generally believed that the child is suffering from some type of allergy.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder- if a child is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, then they can blink their eyes rapidly.
  • Myopia- this is a problem where the child is said to be near sighted or myopic because, they can only see the objects which are very close to them. One of the sure shot sign of myopia is excessive blinking of eyes, along with, unclear or blurry vision, headaches etc.
  • Blepharitis- another reason that leads to excessive blinking. This is an infection which is generally caused by dandruff or some bacteria.


The treatments of the problem can be divided into two parts, -1.treatment for tics, and 2.treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder.

  1. Generally, if it is found that the excessive blinking is caused by tic then in most cases you will not need any pharmacological treatments. It is seen that most muscle spasms tend to get resolved by their own. It is generally believed that tics can result from, fear, anxiety, and even boredom.
  2. If someone has OCD, then it might lead to tic and excessive blinking. To deal with that condition, experts suggest different types of stimulants.

Thus, through this is how you can get rid of the problem of excessive blinking of eyes of your kids. Sometimes, soothing eye drops are also administer to treat it effectively.


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