Health Enemies That Are Common To Toddlers

As a parent you do your best to keep your toddlers safe and free from anything that would make them sick.

Sometimes toddlers becoming ill just can’t be helped. There are many health problems that a toddler can have.

Usually these health problems can be treated easily and they don’t last long. It is always hard for a parent to see their child sick.

Having the information you need on health issues will make you feel a lot more prepared. You will be able to deal with health problems that arrive.todller safe

Contact Dermatitis

One common health problem among toddlers is contact dermatitis. Certain bath soaps and laundry detergents can be rough on a toddler’s skin. Toddlers drool a lot and their faces staying wet from the saliva can cause a rash.

To recognize this type of rash you will need to look for mild redness. It can irritate your toddler’s skin and make them want to scratch. Contact dermatitis is easy to control. Using a moisturizer especially made for a toddler’s skin will help prevent contact dermatitis.


Constipation can be a problem for young children. Toddlers will complain of their stomach hurting. They will cry or tell you it hurts when they are having a bowel movement. This is because the stool has become hard and is sometimes too big to come out.

Constipation can be caused by several factors such as drinking too much milk or not going to the bathroom consistently.

Toddlers sometimes will hold in their bowel movements so they won’t hurt anymore but this can just make the constipation worse with time.

A change of diet is always a good place to start when battling constipation. Feeding your toddler more fruits and vegetables will give them extra fiber. You will want to decrease certain foods that may be causing the constipation such as yogurt, carrots that are cooked, and cow’s milk.

Soy milk instead of cow’s milk has been known to make a toddler’s stool softer. Giving your child fruit juices that have been diluted with water will also help.

Head Lice

Head lice are two words that parents hate to hear. These little aggravating bugs are common in all children. Toddlers who have head lice will start scratching their heads more than usual. Your toddler can get lice by being around other toddlers who have them.

Lice can be common in pre-schools and daycares. These bugs can be gray or a reddish brown color. They are usually pretty small and somewhat bigger than a piece of rice.

Lice are very fast bugs and they like to dwell behind the ears and neck of a toddler. Nit eggs that are alive are left by the lice and are just waiting to hatch.

Treatment has improved for head lice in children. They now make an anti-lice shampoo that is non-toxic. After use of the shampoo you will still need to comb out the nits with a special lice comb.

Common health problems can be frustrating when you are a parent but keep your chin up and know that you can win the battle.


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