Parenting Toddlers While Dining Out Is A Challenge!

You have seen other parents dealing with a screaming toddler in public. When it is your turn in parenting toddler, it can be an embarrasing situation.

When you take your toddler for dining out, you face a difficult experience. Dining with toddlers will not become a struggle now.

Preparation and practice! If you have preparation and practice while parenting toddler, dining out can be an enjoyabe experinece for the entire family.

Dealing with infant needs only preparation. But parenting toddler requires both aspects.Parenting Toddler

Disruptive behavior! Toddlers behave in disruptive way when they are hungry, need a diaper change or tired. Toddlers get bored during the waiting periods that are a part of restaurant dining which leads to disruptive behavior.

Parenting toddler is easy when you are dining out if you prepare for these situations before only.

Selecting the restaurant! Restaurant selection is the first step in preparation. Find out whether the tables are set far apart that other diners will not be disturbed by your toddler noise. Find whether there is a place for breastfeeding so that a mother can feel comfortable nursing her toddler.

Find if there is room for diaper changing. Find out whether the restaurant is busy and what are the peak dining hours. If the restaurant is busy, quick service will not be there.

Practice in parenting toddler! When you enter the restaurant, practice comes into picture. You have to teach the toddler how to dine out. Start small and work your way.

When you are starting to teach your toddler, select a family friendly place so that they will accept the behaviour and noise of toddlers. Fast food places are the better option to teach toddlers in the beginning.

Don’t choose! Do not chose the restaurant which have play ground types of acivities and equipment for children. Such type of restaurants encourage loud behavior which is not what you are trying to accomplish.

Once your toddler is habituated with fast paced settings, you can slowly work on your way to more formal settings.

Be prepared while parenting toddler! Bring a blanket for breastfeeding at the table. Make sure to have plenty of formula for a bottle fed baby.

For a toddler, bring finger foods or light snacks to nibble while waiting for the main dish. Arrange the dining time to coincide with the normal mealtime of the toddler. Don’t offer unnecessarily to save his appetite for the meal.

Time is important! Select the time as it is important factor. You can choose nap time for young infant because baby can sleep happily in car seat or in your lap with breast or bottle while you can have peaceful meal.

While parenting toddler, select the time for best performance level for meal out. If your toddler is tired and meal timings are changed, it can lead to difficult situation.

No boredom! While parenting toddler, come prepared with the things so that they cannot get bored. Encourage them to do their own activities so that you can spend some time with your dining companions. You can get crayons and coloring books so that your toddler can enjoy.

Get the toddler things! While parenting toddler, bring your own supplies. Toddler cup with spill proof lid, paper towels or napkins, and package of baby wipes are good preventive measures.

Quick getaway! Be prepared to make a quick getaway if necessary. If your toddler behavior makes that necessary, you can simply getaway. Don’t bribe or bargain a toddler for good behavior. You feel inconveneint getting up and leaving at that moment but it can lead to long term behavioral gains.

With preparation and practice, parenting toddlers will become easy at the restaurant. While parenting toddlers, you have to remember these things so that the toddlers follow and carry into other social situations and make meals at home more pleasant. (More Tips on Parenting Toddler)


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