Tips to make Toddler Meal Times More Fun

Toddler not eating well is a problem almost every alternate parent has to deal with. If you are facing the same problem and all the methods of making them eat have failed, you probably need to make the mealtimes more fun instead of changing the recipes or force feeding your child. There are a lot of ways in which toddler mealtime can be made more fun so that they look up to it instead of running away from it. Read them below:

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  • Include the child in the preparation. Show them how you mix ingredients and how you cook their dishes. Toddlers find all this to be fun and hence, will look up to eating what they saw being cooked.
  • Place the food in interesting shapes. You can cut the food in the shapes of stars, moons, flowers, teddy bears or triangles so that they find it more interesting and entertaining to eat their food.
  • Make faces while feeding them. You can make weird and funny faces by twisting your eyes or tongue and entertain them a little so that they find mealtime fun. You can also get a hand-puppet to wear it in one hand.
  • Involve your child in stories. Tell them interesting stories during a mealtime. Toddlers love listening to stories and they would wait for the mealtime just to listen to the stories. Involving the child and engrossing them in stories is a very easy way to feed them.
  • Cut the food in bite sized pieces. Children do not like looking at the entire quantity of food together and hence, cutting them into bite sized pieces is advisable. This can also add to the fun because children can easily eat it by themselves.
  • Grate the food. Eating grated food is fun and easy for toddlers. Make a hill out of grated apples or carrots and give it to your child. He or she would enjoy eating small bits of these fruits which they otherwise find very boring.
  • Give fun names to the food. You can name the foods like ‘Cloudy’ carrot or ‘Barney’ banana so that they identify foods as their friends and eat more than usual.
  • Let them get messy while eating. Encourage them to eat more by praising them for every bite. As long as they can handle small pieces of food, you can let them get messy and that should not be a problem unless your child is eating properly.


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