Your Little One Addicted to a Pacifier- Learn the Best Ways to Get Rid of it

A pacifier can be a great thing for kids as well as for the parents of fussy babies.  A pacifier is an object which the baby sucks on during the days of teething or otherwise. It is true that this object can have a soothing effect on the baby but it doesn’t take too long for the pacifier to become a habit or an addiction for the little one.

Thus it is best to make your baby give up the pacifier when the time is right. Ofcourse, making him/her quit the habit can be a big challenge but with the following given tips, you will be able to achieve the goal easily:

your little one addicted to a pacifierTake it Away Early

One of the best ways to ensure that the baby quits the pacifier easily is to take it away as early as possible. The sooner the habit is made to be quit, the less difficult would it be for you.   If you take it away early for example by the time the baby turns 4-5 months, he/she might not express his/her displeasure as much.

Make it Taste Bad

Another great way to help your child quit a pacifier is to make it taste bad. Ofcourse, you must make sure that you don’t do this by applying anything which is not good for the baby. This method is tried and tested by many and always works.

Trade it with Something more Special

You can also try to help the baby quit the pacifier by replacing it with something even more special, like the baby’s favorite toy or any other object. This can help the baby forget about the need for the pacifier and may take away his/her focus from it, eventually leading to giving it up.

Let it Happen Gradually

If you try to make the child quit the pacifier in one day, then you will obviously be unsuccessful but the key is to let the process be gradual. You can use a slow and gentle weaning process and restrict the pacifier at certain times to start with.

Don’t Give it at all

Ofcourse, not introducing your baby to the pacifier at all is the best way to avoid the need to make him/her quit it. A lot of doctors are against the use of pacifiers and hence it may be a good idea not to give it at all to the baby.


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