How To Save Time If You Are A Working Parent?

Are you pressed for time? Are you somebody who wakes up in the morning and has to rush immediately?

You have the house to be cleaned, the kids to be dropped off at school, you have to get ready for work, and you still have not even finished making breakfast…!

Is it the same situation when you come back home after a long tiring day at work: you still have to start dinner, your daughter wants help with her homework, and your son wants you to read him a story?

What do you do? How do you manage? Don’t you wish you had more time, so that you could spare at least a few moments for yourself during the day, to take a slow walk through the park, to soak in that tub, to read that long awaited book?

Do you want to enjoy life?

Most working moms and dads find that they simply do not have any time left to enjoy themselves, their children, or simply, life. Do not despair; there are ways and means in which you can actually save time.

Here’s how: You could, for a start, wake up ten to fifteen minutes earlier than usual, and you automatically have more time now!

Next, organize your kitchen and get rid of all the clutter within.

Organize your wardrobes and other rooms too: making a place for everything and making sure that everyone in the family keeps everything in its proper place will save you a lot of time and reduce your stress levels.

Try to prepare everything needed for the next day, set out your work clothes, pack your lunch the previous night itself.

Next, try to get your kids involved in the planning of the meals: I know a mom who got her kids to write down what they wanted, and to even include those items on the grocery list when she went on her weekly grocery shopping. This saved her a lot of time, and gained her plenty of appreciation as well. The entire family was happier as a result, and gained plenty of spare time as well.

Another time saving tip is that of maintaining a diary in which you jot down important things like for example the date of your daughter’s big project so that you can buy all that is needed before the date. This will save time and avoid last minute rushing around.

You could also try setting a timer to go off whenever it is time to switch tasks, and avoid unnecessary visits to the bank, to the grocery store and so on: these will save you at least twenty hours per year!

Invest in modernizing your home and get rid of old worn out non-functioning things: don’t be too attached to your junk!

Persistence pays! Do not despair if your new time management techniques do not help you in the beginning: it takes some getting used to. Once you get the hang of it, however, try to keep to these valuable time saving techniques, because time is precious, and we all have very limited time on earth.


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