Managing Your Busy Schedule As A Working parent!

Starting a new job or returning to a career when you are a parent can be challenging.

Working parents often face this problem.

They have to look after their children and simultaneously go to their jobs.

Working parent finds insufficient time and low energy levels after returning from work.

Now-a-days women are equally working like men to fulfill their family financial requirements. They are taking up professions in all the fields as they are going for higher educations. In a family, if both are working parents, they have no or little time for children.Working Parents

Spend time with your child! Although you have less time for your children, you should not ignore them. As a working parent, you might have tired to play with them or spend time with your children.

But, working parents should still make some time to spend some time with children, inquire their activities at school, and inquire about their studies, exams and friends.

As a working parent, you should not avoid going to your child’s school. Attend school functions and games your children are participating. This provides encouragement to your children and also helps in thinking that they are more important to you than your work.

Lack of time! Due to lack of time, some working parents try to pamper their children with expensive toys, gifts and clothes. But, you should remember that no toy or gift can compensate with parent’s love, care and responsibility.

Child can be spoiled! As a working parent, if you do not spend time for your children, they fall into bad company and have high chances of getting into bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. The reason is your child feel lonely without the parents support and care and they look forward to their friends to get out from loneliness.

Now-a-days children are using television and computers mostly. If you do not accompany or spend time with your children, they get habituated and watch wrong things because nobody is there to watch them or control them.

Schedule your timings! Working parents should schedule their work timings suitable for their children. Mother and father should schedule their timings in such a way that one of them should be at home when your children return home from school.

If you extra work at office, inform the other parent to come home early so that children don’t feel alone.

Other opportunities! If you have difficulty in scheduling the timings, either of you can decide other work opportunities which can give time to spend with your children. There are flexible working hours such as jobs on the internet, multilevel marketing, insurance, computer programming and telemarketing.

If you are making this type of arrangement, your child receives necessary guidance, support and proper development.


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