Report: Mothers Should Stay Home With Children

According to a report from the Children’s Society in Europe, many families are suffering because both parents are working considerably longer hours.

Women tend to be socially singled out as “abandoning” their children in order to work. The same social pressure is not placed on men.

The report points out that the unhappy, stressed and even depressed kids are those whose parents are both in full-time occupations.

Children who come home from school to find a parent waiting are generally considerably happier.working mom

This report clearly states that women should stay at home and look after the kids, as in the traditional mothering role.

The report also discovered that working mothers were more likely to end up in a divorce than their non-working counterparts.

The report also states that women are often guilt ridden about leaving their children and spending too much time at work.

The report is clearly very much a generalization, but in the modern world, two working parents are often the only way that a mortgage and children can be financially supported.

The study also admits that although this may be the ideal for children and for parents.

The cruel reality is most parents have to balance the emotional needs of their children and the harsh financial realities of modern society.


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