Working From Home – Does It Distract You From Family Time?

Communication and technology being what it is today has made it possible for parents to work from home. This has enabled families to save precious time by cutting the physical commute to a telecommute and by reducing child care costs since the parent is present in the house to oversee the children.

However, those parents who thought they would be spending more quality time with the kids may be mistaken.

working from homeIt is actually a difficult balance to maintain for parents who work at home.

Though technically present in the house, it could be that work takes up so much of time, effort, and concentration that a parent is not able to spend as much time with the children as required.

It is actually easy to let the work take over; with the parent thinking something like, “I’ll just finish this one more item and then I’m done”. In short, a parent may not realize when work is starting to dig into family time.

To overcome this issue, it is important for parents who work from home, to make a clear demarcation between family time and work. Set a timetable and stick to it as far as possible.

Though the importance of the parents’ work should be made clear to the children, who have to know to respect it, remember it is not fair to your children if your work impinges on family time either.

Source: USA today


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