Working Parents Have Just 90 Minutes a Day for Themselves

With so many responsibilities and things to get done in a day and so many vying for their attention, parents are run ragged at the end of each day; having no more than 90 minutes to spare each day finds a recent study.

A British study found that this is the case in spite of waking before 7 AM each day and going to bed at nearly 11 PM each night, on an average.

Of the 3000 adults surveyed it was found that working, commuting, chores around the house and caring for kids took up most of their time – as many as 64% said that they spent most of their time working.

The fall out here is that parents have little if any time left over for themselves, with the responsibility of juggling so many different things leaving little time for the pursuit of hobbies.

Further many parents admitted to wanting to be able to spend more time with their kids.

Other fallouts of busy schedules and having to cope with many different things all at once is the fact that parents feel tired all the time and find the need to have a little more time for relaxation. Further being this tired and busy precludes a satisfying sex life, which is yet fallout.


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