5 Fun Activities For Toddlers And Their Moms

Activities for toddlers should be safe, fun and educational. Their learning skills during the toddler stage are fast.

Most children are unaware of dangers in their play zone that is why it is very important that toddlers are supervised when doing their activities.

Toddlers are generally playful. It is during this time of development that they start to become curious of the things around us. One way to help them develop their mind and body is through fun activities for toddlers which they can do together with their mom.

Here are some of them:

1. Arts and crafts

Activities for toddlers such as arts and crafts are very popular. A simple foot and hand tracing, marker painting, foot and hand paint and other activities that get the toddlers’ attention through shapes and colors can improve their visual skills.

However, coloring and drawing activities for toddlers should be properly supervised.

Make sure that colors and pens are non toxic and never leave children to work on their own. Swallowing of color pens is dangerous for the child’s health.

2. Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities such as playing with sprinklers, water balloon catching and digging for treasure enhance their bone structure and strengthen their mobility and energy.

Chasing butterflies and playing catch are popular outdoor activities as well. In order to avoid infection, do not allow the toddler to play outside on rainy season. It is also safer to play indoors when they’re suffering mild cuts and wounds or have allergies to pollen and dust.

3. Indoor activities

Indoor activities for toddlers such as bubble wraps, flashlight chasing and shaker bottles are good choices. The simple popping of bubble wraps, waving flashlights on the floor or even putting a colored rice or pasta inside an empty bottle container will have the toddler’s curiosity rising.

These indoor activities for toddlers are useful during the rainy season or if child is not allowed on outdoor activities. Make sure there are no barriers that will block the child’s way that can lead to potential harm such as bumps and bruises.

4. Movement activities

Activities for toddlers such as beanbag race, seesaw, and follow the leader are excellent activities to keep your child going. This kind of activity will improve their mobility and bone strength as well as boosting their energy. There are also climbing activities that are appropriate for a toddler.

If you want, you can purchase cushioned play mattress and toddler beanbag on children’s toys stores or even shop online. These are normally custom made and are designed for the child’s safety.

5.  Learning fun

Learning activities for toddlers consists of potty training, brushing teeth, brushing hair and other personal hygiene that encompasses awareness on their personal activities.

Learning fun activities for toddlers should not be insisted, instead, allow ample time to make them used to the idea of practicing their responsibilities. If they are not yet ready, find another fun game that will ease the child’s mind from the latter.


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