7 Fun Green Games For You And Your Whole Family

Fun Green Games

–Must haves for teaching your kids about the environment

Spend hours of fun as a family playing green games that’ll delight and inspire! These green games not only teach you and your kids about the environment, they’re made from eco-friendly materials, too!

1. Bioviva Games

Developed in France, Bioviva Games are a fun way to learn all sorts of environmental statistics and tidbits of information, like which fish are able to climb trees and how insects give birth to their children and grandchildren.


Constructed in Canada and France, these green games feature things like nontoxic vegetable inks, recycled and recyclable materials, and of course, the joy of learning about the planet! They got games for the family, for just kids, and Ecokits for building model animals and more.

2. Ecoranch At Kvale Good Natured Games

Play like a rancher herder with EcoRanch, a green game that has you working with animals and the planet to pay it forward.


This type of cooperative green games lets players interact and work together in the recycling centers, peace garden and education center to solve problems and grow in social and personal awareness.

3. Head1Liners By Kvale Good Natured Games

A Kvale original game, Head1Liners is a great party game for ages 12 and up that gets players to come up with interesting and hilarious headlines for one of 386 “front page” photographs.


Later in the game, the headlines become more obscure and challenging and of course, more silly! This green game is made with 100% recycled fibers, recycled wood and even recycled content in the tokens.

4. Brainbox All around the World By Green Board Games

Teach your kids all about geography and the planet with this fun and educational BrainBox All around the World game. Filled with delightful teaser questions that players have to answer in 10 seconds or less, card collection is the name of the game!


The person with the most cards at the end of 10 minutes wins this fast-paced game. Like all of their games, this one adheres to Green Board Games’ environmental and ethical commitments to provide sustainably-produced and delivered fun without exploitation. Waste is minimized, recycling of game parts possible and unnecessary materials avoided with these types of green games.

5. Alpha Nature By Green Board Games

Another fast-moving game, Alpha Nature lets players explore the natural world by naming plants, rivers, trees, and animals while avoiding natural disasters like hurricanes. Darting through the multiple choice questions in this game is both a learning experience and an exercise in brain power! Ages 8+.


6. Wikki Stix Activity Set By Green Board Games

This type of green games are perfect for little ones who are bored on a rainy day that’ll get your kids active. Wikki Stix are sticky sticks that adhere to almost any surface because of the wax formula they’re coated with.


They can be shaped and contorted to form any figure. Comes with a dry wipe board, a story book, and a reusable bag for carrying it all together.

7. Planet Green Game – In Collaboration With Starbucks And Global Green USA

If you and your family like computer games, then try out this fun online game by Starbucks.

planet green game

The Planet Green Game lets you explore Evergreen, a town where you can learn how to reduce CO2 emissions through practical challenges that earn you points. Add buildings, move city blocks around, and more to see what impact each action has on the planet.


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