Ideas for Activities for 5 Year Olds

When a child reaches five years old, there is a lot to explore and learn. This is a great time to teach your child new things and to bond, and you can do that through games and activities. The trick is to find the perfect activities for 5 years olds.

Activities for 5 year olds – Making musical instruments

Your child will be fascinated by everything and noise is one of them. The best thing is that this is a time to start developing that noise into music. You can buy toy pianos and guitars or you can opt to make your own. You can do this with bottles with rice or elastic bands around tubs and books.

When you are doing this one of the activities for children, join in with your child. A five year old will still need contact with you and will still need some bonding time. Doing this will help the education development at school.


This is a great time for education and there is no better way than giving puzzles for your child to do. Just simple activities for 5 years olds like spot the difference and follow through a maze will help to develop your child’s brain and he or she will have fun at the same time – most of the time, the child will not realize that this is educational.

Take some time to do the puzzles with your child and sit down to help color in. This is a great way to bond and also see what your child loves to do.

Playing dress-up

You will get to a point where your child wants to pretend to be someone else. Dress-up is a great way to help the imagination grow and will also help with social skills. You can join in too or you can invite your child’s friends over for a play date. Take out some old clothes that you never use anymore and let the children go to work – you will be surprised at the storylines that they come up with.

Linking to dress-up is tea parties. This is something that many little girls will choose to do and is a fun activity for them. They may also like playing “house”. Encourage them with their imagination by getting tea sets, play-dough to make toy food and even toys that can be used as “guests” at this tea party.

It is important to encourage your child in activities for 5 years olds and there are many that you can choose from. This is also a time to get your child out of the house, so pick activities that can only be done outside, such as kicking a ball or playing catch – these games will also help with the motion skills.

When it comes to activities for 5 year olds, you need to listen to likes and dislikes. Do not force your child to do something that it does not like doing. Just because you want your little girl to play tea parties, does not mean that she will want to – there is usually another activity that she will enjoy more.




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