Arts and Crafts Activities for Toddlers

The parent of any toddler knows how much trouble their child can get into. So keeping a toddleroccupied and out of trouble in a constructive manner is a challenge for any parent. We look at arts and crafts activities for toddlers that will help keep your toddler occupied and you retain your sanity.

Many toddlers are still going to enjoy making scratches and doodles with no perceivable shape; many may imagine that the walls of a home are their canvass. Andtoddlers are not the neatest and cleanest of artists. So when you pick out arts and crafts activities, remember to have realistic expectations from your little one.

Arts and Crafts Activities for Toddlers

Also expect your child to be disinterested in at least some of those activities and grow bored quickly with others. Furthermore, do not expect your toddler to color within the lines and don’t presume that your toddlerknows crayons are not for eating. So keep these cautionary pointers in mind.

1. Fun with shapes and colors

With some preparation and parental participation, you can ensure your toddler enjoys learning all about shapes. For these arts and crafts activities, create paper cutouts or gather objects of different shapes and then explain how you can sort these according to shape. The same can be done with objects or cutouts of different colors. You can also take a potato, cut it into different shapes and have your toddler create art from this using paint or watercolor.

2. Chalk on the driveway

This is one of the simplest of arts and crafts activities for toddlers. All you need is a driveway, patio or any safe paved area where you can allow your toddler free reign with a box of colored chalk. It is easy to clean and your toddler will enjoy giving expression to their inner Picasso.

3. Play dress up

Girls tend to enjoy dress up games more but boys do too. Create a project like designing a Halloween outfit or a fancy dress outfit and involve your toddler, letting them help anyway they can. Also let yourchild create different looks with their own clothes – not only is this creative, it will give them valuable practice in dressing up on their own.

4. Finger painting

What toddler doesn’t enjoy getting paint on their fingers and then smearing it onto paper, into scrapbooks or on chart paper! Visit this website for finger painting, block printing, crumple painting, and various other arts and crafts activities and ideas that your child will enjoy.

5. Collage

Shape cutouts, old photos, pictures of everyday object, photos cut out of magazines etc can be collected. Then using a scrapbook or a large sheet of paper, and a glue stick (tip: a glue stick is a lot less messy than liquid glue), let your toddler have fun creating a collage.

6. The Dance game

This is more fun with two or more kids so schedule this one of the arts and crafts activities for when your toddler has a play date. Just switch on the music and let your toddler rock to their fave tunes. You can offer treats for the most innovative moves, the highest jumps, etc.


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