Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Children

According to the latest studies, children spend more time in front of the TV or the computer than playing outside, which leads to obesity and other negative effects. There are a lot of benefits of outdooractivities for children that can help them develop and grow.

Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Children

Physical Benefits

If a child gets the chance of playing outdoors, he or she will have greater chances of becoming a healthy adult. In case the child has regular physical activity, many of the physical development risk factors will be eliminated that could cause hypertension, type 2 diabetes, or heart disease.

What do the Specialists have to say?

According to doctors, the advantages of children’s outdoor activities can be seen if children spend at least one hour outdoors while having moderate to intense physical activity. It is a good idea for the child to have aerobic exercises, strengthening exercises, running, swimming, or climbing.

Social Development

When it comes to the benefits of outdoor activities for children it is good to know that spending time outdoors is a great opportunity for children to make new friends. This is why spending time outdoors is critical for the social development of children. Usually the outdoor activities aren’t as structured as indoor activities, so children have more options for socializing.

Specific Cases

The children’s advantages of outdoor activities can come in many forms. For instance if your daughter is shy, it is likely that she will play with another shy girl on the playground. In case your son finds it difficult to make friends, it might be easier for him to communicate while chasing a ball on the soccer field.

Stress and Confidence

The parents looking for the benefits of outdoor activities for children should know that physical activity is a great way to blow off steam. Physical activities reduce stress and they also bring balance to the body and mind. It is believed that children have more confidence if they have physical activities outdoors.

Perceptual Abilities

Developing perceptual abilities is another one of the outdoor activities’ benefits for children. The senses of smell and touch are very important, and these can be developed through child’s play if the child gets to spend time in a sandbox or between flowers, for example.

The truth is that the benefits of outdoor activities for children are endless and there might be a lot more to them than meets the eye.


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