Child Made Gifts for Parents

It is true that children like to receive gifts, but they also like to give gifts to their parents. This is why it is good to look for ideas for child made gifts for parents.

If the child is supervised while making the gift, this is a suitable activity for the majority of the age groups.


Potpourri pie

This is a gift that is easy for children to make. For this they need a small pie tin, broken and whole cinnamon sticks, and cloves that were mixed together. Then they will need a circle of golden colored felt glued to the edge of the tin. Keep in mind that the pie doesn’t have to look perfect.

Bath salts

When looking for children’s gifts for parents, bath salt for the mother is a great idea. All the child has to do is to mix two cups of Epsom salt, a few drops of food coloring and ¼ teaspoon of glycerin. It is also good to add 4-5 drops of essential oils and find a nice jar with a lid.

Candle holder

Even the youngest children can prepare this one of the child made gifts for parents. The child needs a baby food jar, a small paintbrush, pieces of tissue paper and glue mixed with water. Start the work with applying the thinned glue to the outer layer of the jar.

After this, to create the gift for parents made by the child, glue the colorful pieces of paper to the outer part of the jar. This way it will have a stained glass look. In order to make the gift complete the little one should place a small candle in the jar.

Chocolate-dipped spoon

This is a fun idea for the child made gifts for parents, but the children need to be supervised by a parent. There is need for coarsely chopped chocolate that is melted in the microwave and then mix it with some vegetable oil. Get some strong plastic spoons and dip them into the chocolate.

After this, the parents’ gift made by the child has to be placed on wax paper until the chocolate hardens. This way the spoon becomes just perfect to stir tea or hot coffee. To complete the gift, the little one should put a pretty ribbon on the spoon.

As you can see there are numerous ideas for child made gifts for parents and with a little help the little one can make you a nice surprise that will make both of you happy.


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