Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends

Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends designed by Happy Giant, is free 3D Pet Simulation App, through which anyone can turn their devices into virtual lagoons. The app is on Google Play and iTunes, and can be played on both iPads and iPhones, and Android Devices..

Dolphin Paradise is a high-resolution gaming app wherein users can create strong bonds with real looking 3D virtual Orcas and Dolphins.  The animated dolphins can be fed, trained and interacted with using this superb piece of design.

dolphin paradise wild friends

The dolphins and other creatures on this app look highly realistic swimming around in the virtual lagoon.  They perform tricks and form a bond with the player, which can leave anyone hookedon this app.  Combined with the amazing 3D graphics and the easy to use user-interface, the app allows users to pet dolphins with all their affection and tend to them few times a day.

Users can actually rub the dolphins on their bellies to express love and care.  What makes this app even more interesting is the fact that users can also click pictures of their dolphins and share them with their friends on social networking websites.  The pictures can be taken above water and even below it and can be shared through email, Facebook or Twitter.

Another interesting feature about Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends is that you can even visit your friend’s lagoon and share your own Dolphin’s achievements with that of your friends’.  The app also allows you and your virtual dolphins to take part in Dolphin shows which are an absolute must-try.  The shows allow you to buy multiple dolphins and eventually take care and raise all of them. Players can acquire custom decorative items and props for the Dolphin show and this only adds to the overall fun and excitement.

Eventhough the app is free of cost; there are some in-app purchases for which you can shell out real cash.  Some of the top in-app purchases include Mermaids, Orcas, and Decorations for your Island!  The prices for each of these purchases are different and can be checked out once you install the app on your iOS device.  If you do not wish to buy any of these special extras, then you can disable the option of in-app purchases as well.

So if you are someone who likes virtual reality games, pet apps, or Dolphins, then this is the app for you!. Infact, it has 4.5 Rating on the iTunes app store and has scored very positive reviews from the users.  Log on to iTunes app store today to download Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends.

Or for Android users, get it on Google Play!


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