Easy Fun Things to do with Kids

Being around toddlers is never easy. It seems like they are always on the move and it requires a lot of energy to keep up with them. This is why some parents might be looking for easy fun things to do with kids. The good news is that you can steal ideas from other parents who had to deal with the same problems.

Easy Fun Things to do with Kids

The Bathroom

One of the things you could do is to spray shaving cream on the walls of the bathroom and add somefood coloring. Then you should let the child mix the different colors and finger paint on the wall. In the end you just need some spray to clean it up and the entire bathroom will smell like daddy.

The Kitchen

You can use mini muffins for the kids’ easy and fun activities. These are great because the child can do each of the steps and they need only ten minutes of baking. In order to make the activity more fun, also add some good music and some crazy dance moves.


Don’t forget about the easy fun things to do with kids that children can play for hours with the simplest toys. Just prepare a bowl of uncooked rice and give the child some cups and spoons. You can be sure that they will play as long as you let them.

Your Room

If you are looking forward for some quiet time, just take the little one to your room and give them someface paint. This is one of the kids’ activities that are easy and fun that the child can spend hours with. The added bonus is that it also develops their artistic sense. You may want to look at kids’ canvas painting ideas for creative fun with your kids.

The Doctor’s in

One of the best easy fun things to do with kids is to play doctor. All you have to do is to lie down and to let the little one listen to you hear beat, to check your tummy, and so on. Although it won’t last for hours, at least you will have the opportunity to rest for a while.

The Family Room

If you have something to do you shouldn’t shoo your toddler away. You can turn house chores into easy fun things to do with kids. Don’t forget that kids just love to help. For example you can ask them to move their toys out of the way while you are vacuuming.


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