Encouraging Your Child To Be Active Rather Than Lazy

There are many ways to avoid laziness in your child. The first step is to set a good example.

It is good to do family activities with your children.

This will help your children to stay active and healthy.

You can keep your children active by doing things that they are interested in doing. However, you can also make fun activities for them to do on their own. Chores are also a very important thing for your children to do.

You can give them responsibilities that they have to do and reward them when they follow through.keep kids active

Set Your Daily Routine to Get Your Kids Up and Moving

You can start by waking up your child early in the morning and beginning your day. You could go for a morning run, or walk, with your child. Morning exercise will motivate your child to get going.

You should also plan out activities throughout the day. Cut down on TV time and game time and plan activities outdoors for your children. If you allow your child to stay on the TV or a game[playing video games] for hours that will encourage laziness.

Set Up a Chore List and Reward System

A child can do chores around the house. For example, you can have your child help you with your yard work. You can also make it fun for your child.

You can make a chart and for every chore that your child completes you can give him/her stickers to put on the chart. That will make it fun for your child. You can also give them chores to do for money. [household chores]

For example, if your child cleans the yard every day at the end of the week give them an allowance. That would be a good way to keep them active and teach them that staying active comes with rewards.

Pets Will Encourage Activity

Give your child responsibilities, like pets, that they have to care for. You can give them the responsibility of providing daily care for the animal. Having a pet will help your child to stay active as well as be responsible.

For example, if your child has a pet they will have to bathe it, feed it, and water it. It would also teach them to work hard to keep the pets healthy.

Afterschool Activities Will Keep Your Children Active

Afterschool activities can help you to ensure that your children stay active. For example, you can encourage them to participate in sports. Most sports require you to work hard, and be in good shape.

However, your child’s activity doesn’t have to be sports. You can encourage them to do after school activities such as volunteering or dance. It is good to have your children around other active children.

Set Goals for Your Children to Stay Active

Encourage your children to set goals for their weekly or monthly activity.  This way they will have something to work at.

However, if at anytime it gets hard, don’t let them just give up. Try and help them showing that they have your support, and will keep working hard to achieve their goals.


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