Fun Recycling Activities for Kids

One of the hottest topics of the moment is recycling, so you may be looking for fun recycling activities for kids. There are a lot of projects for children that require recycled items, and you can turn these into art projects.

Plastic caps


Most probably you have a lot of plastic bottles at home that you don’t need and they all have caps. Get caps of the same color and ask the child to make a flower of them. Then just secure the caps to a piece of cardboard that you don’t use anymore and you can use it as decoration.



There is no home where there aren’t keys that nobody uses anymore. If this is your case, you could use them for recycling activities for kids that are fun. Get a wooden stick and paint it to different colors. Then paint the keys as well to the same colors as the stick and secure them to it with a piece of rope.

Toilet paper roll


There are so many fun recycling activities for kids involving this item that it becomes difficult to pick one. You should cut the roll into small pieces and glue them together. At the beginning it will look like a flower, but you may add more rolls and it will become an interesting piece of art.

The kids’ recycling activities that are fun also include making small crowns of the rolls. If they like gardening, they might plant tomatoes, for instance, in separate rolls. Smaller children can make cars of toilet paper rolls if they add wheels.

Pieces of cloth


Most probably you have pieces of cloth that you will never use again, so you should think about using them for fun recycling activities for kids. One of the things that children could do is to tie bows of the cloth and create a wreath. Little girls can also make clothes for their dolls.

Bird seed feeder


All children like animals, including birds, so this is something to think about regarding the children’s fun recycling ideas. All you have to do is to get a toilet paper roll and add to them different kinds of seeds that birds like, such as sunflower seed. Then they can watch the birds come and eat.

Choose the fun recycling activities for kids that you think would be entertaining and also educational for your children.

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