Fun Things for Kids – Activities and Ideas

If your child’s idea of fun things for kids constitutes TV viewing and video games, you may have reason to be worried. After all it can be very difficult to make things fun for today’s children who have all sorts of entertainment literally at their fingertips. We look at how to make things fun for kids.

Fun Things for Kids

1. A journal or scrapbook

A child can start a scrapbook as soon as they are old enough to use scissors and paste. This is one of the most fun things for kids, which is practically free. Let your child cut pictures out of old newspapers and magazines to create a storyboard, or scrapbook. If old enough to read and write, you can encourage your child to create and maintain a journal or a diary. These activities are interesting, they give kids a creative outlet and can even be therapeutic.

2. Trip to a farm or farmer’s market

Let your next family outing be to a farm or to the farmer’s market where kids can see a variety of fresh produce first hand and perhaps also how it is grown. This is not only educative; it is also very interesting for a child.

3. Cook up a storm

After you visit that farm of the farmer’s market, the next one of our fun things for kids is to start cooking the produce you buy there. Getting kids interested in cooking helps to create awareness about healthy eating and teaches the child to be self-reliant. And who knows, your child may have a knack for creating interesting blends and concoctions – think Junior MasterChef!

4. Grow things

If you have a small patch of earth to call your own, use it to create a small vegetable or herb garden or simply have some potted plants around the house. Explain to a small child how things can be grown from seeds, runners or bulbs and enlist their help for watering, fertilizing and weeding as well as harvesting (if you’re growing edible stuff). As an adjunct to this healthy lifestyle habit, try composting your home garbage and involve your child in that as well. Another one of those fun things for kids!

5. Make a birdhouse/tree house

Most kids probably dream of having a little sinecure to call their own tucked away from adult eyes. A tree house is one such that any kid would enjoy. If you have a conveniently located tree, try and set up a prefabricated birdhouse or make a family product out of it. Similarly, make a birdhouse or purchase one and get your child to make sure that there is always water and grain there for birds to eat.

6. Have kids put up an entertainment program

Putting up a play or a musical or a sketch can entail endless fun things for kids to do. Offer age appropriate direction and let your child create a one-man show or a show along with friends and neighbors that all the parents can attend.


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