Girls Party Ideas

In the majority of the cases when people are thinking about girls’ party ideas, they think of pink decorations and plates with princesses. While these may work, the truth is that the children in our days need more creativity from the parents’ part.

Pink and Blue


You can tone pink down a bit by adding dark blue items to the pink decorations. For instance you could have bottles with custom made pink and blue labels. Think about a pink cake and some blue cones with popcorn. This way, children will have both sweet and salty snacks.

White and Red


Don’t forget regarding the party ideas for girls that red is also a girly color. If you aren’t into the princess theme, just use a red tablecloth with white plates. You can use some natural decorations, like real roses as well. It is best if the snacks have a red color too.



It’s not a must to go for one single color for the girls’ party ideas; you may have all kinds of pastel colors and still achieve a nice effect. Think of pink and green cookies along with yellow cupcakes and pastel colored bonbons. Muffins also come in many different colors.

Add Some Power


In case you daughter is older, she might not like pink that much anymore. In this case the tips for girls’ party include having a cake in pink, blue, brown, and yellow colors, green and purple colored candy and it might be an interesting touch to serve milk.

Pajamas and Cupcakes


In order to make the girls’ party ideas memorable, you should come up with something interesting, such as a pajama party with pancakes. The main point of the party is that the children can prepare their own pancakes. Just make sure that you have enough maple syrup.

Add Some Beauty


Little girls always want to look nice, so, as one of the party tips for girls, you could organize a spa-night. You just need some towels, sea salt, body lotions, and creams that the children can use without any side effects. It might be a nice touch to have some lip balm as well.

There are thousands of girls’ party ideas, you just have to find those that work for your child and naturally for the guests. The good news is that little girls usually like the same things.

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