Half-Term Holiday Styles so you’re ready for Anything

The half term holidays are slowly but surely approaching, which is a great excuse to update your wardrobe! There are a couple of different styles returning from recent years, such as maxi dresses, monochrome outfits and high-heeled wedges. So dust off your black and white clothes as well as your favourite pair of heels from last year, and see if you can make some room for a couple of new pieces in your wardrobe!

There are also some brand-new trends that will be big this year: you can find an overview of New York Fashion Week and the latest spring and summer trends on the English Telegraph here. While going through the images you will find that blazing oranges as showcased by Victoria Beckham are a hit on the runway and crazy patterns as seen in Jeremy’s Scott’s show are setting the trend too. So don’t be afraid to mix and match your outfit with some crazy and outgoing motifs. Here are more half-term holiday tips to show the world that you are ready for anything.

Skater dresses

Skater dresses are not exactly what the name might suggest i.e. for street skaters. They are just as comfortable though, just not quite the urban and street style only real skaters can carry off. This skater dress is a variation on the good old A-line dress and is more comparable to those the dresses that female ice skaters wear (though with less spangling). They come with a fitted waistline and then spread out into full circle-skirts. This cut looks pretty much good on anyone, no matter what your body shape. You can find some lovely and affordable skater dresses here. Give them a try, they’re both comfortable and fashionable and perfect for warmer weather!

The boombox clutch

The boombox clutch was a huge hit at the catwalk in New York last month. It is what it says: a clutch bag that also functions as a little speaker you can connect to your phone or MP3 player. This clutch is perfect for when you and your friends hang out in the park on a sunny day and want to listen to some music!

The Marc Jacobs look

Marc Jacobs opted for a lot of turbans this year – and while they might keep you cool in sunnier weather, we think the look is a little bit over the top for day wear. That is not to say that the colours he used in his collection aren’t a big inspiration to us. He used loud colours and crazy patterns, mostly in red, blue, gray and coral pink. The collection has a true hippie look to it and will be easy to emulate.


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