How To Teach Making A Rubber Legged Spider Toy For Children?

Do you want to amuse your little children during the holidays? There are lots of ways to entertain your children to beat the holiday blues.

You can engage them in the house routine chores or encourage them in making toys.

Simple toys like spinners, airplanes and parachutes can be easily made by your kids. Check out the “4 steps to make a rubber legged spider:” stated here.

4 Steps to make a Rubber legged spider

Step 1: You need a bob of clay and few rubber bands to make a rubber legged spider. Take four rubber bands and cut them into half so that the eight halves will serves as legs for the spider. Snip one more rubber band so that it forms a long piece.teaching

Step 2: Now shape the bob of clay into the shape of a spider. If you want you can also add head and eyes to complete its looks. Paint the back of the spider-shape-clay with different stripes that will help to make the toy bright.

Step 3: As soon as the paint dries, connect the pieces of rubber band that you had previously cut by pressing each one into the underside of the spider-shaped-clay.

Step 4: Now attach the long rubber band to the top center of the spider-shaped-clay’s body. Suspend the spider clay on the rubber band and make the spider bounce by moving your hand up and down.


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