Activities to Improve your Child’s Self Esteem

As a parent, it is your responsibility to boost your child’s self esteem which might be a bit difficult task at times. Self esteem plays a very important role in the success or failure of a person. Thus it is very important to lay a good foundation for your child.

The word self esteem and self confidence correspond to one another and can be formed only with the feeling that you have the ability to do it.

Thus to pamper self esteem within your child, you must be able to incorporate positivity in him. Here are some activities that can help your child to improve his self esteem:

Set Goals for your Child

From the childhood itself, the child must know that life is all about meeting the desired goals. Set small goals for your child like completing his homework within a time limit.

First teach him to meet these small goals and then ask him to set goals for himself. You should also teach him the importance of meeting goals.

Enhance Decision Making Skills

The ability to make correct decision within time not only enhances the self esteem but also enhances the overall personality of the person. You can enhance this quality by playing games with your child.

Try playing small games which requires your child to make quick decision. If you are not satisfied with his decision try to make him understand what is right and wrong.

Let him Master

Every child has some kind of talent or the other. So no matter what your child is interested in, try to encourage him to master the skill. If he masters some kind of skill then he will definitely become more confident and motivated in life.

Praise an Appreciate your Child

Children are like clay and you can shape them in whichever way you want. It is very important to appreciate your child even if his achievement is not very huge. The key is to never discourage your child because it also lowers down his self esteem.

Parenting is an essential responsibility and to mould your child’s future, you must be willing to learn this skill. With the above said tricks, you can easily enhance the self esteem of your child and make him achieve bigger goals in life.

Self confidence and self esteem are virtues that should be developed right from childhood and you can be the best companion to help the child out.  Appreciate and love your child unconditionally to nurture his personality.

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