Leadership Activities in Kids – Importance and How to Teach

Children can be moulded just the way you want as at this tender age it is the easiest to instil virtues and build characters. Being a good leader is undoubtedly, one of the valuable skills irrespective of the age – however everyone does not have the innate leadership qualities. This is the reason why it’s important to teach kids on an early note all about developing skills to be a good leader.

Leadership qualities in a child boost confidence and ensure success in activities like team sports, group projects, clubs, etc. This skill would surely benefit them as they grow older and heavier duties come upon.

leadership activities in kids

Traits of a Good Leader

  • A good leader would be able to bring in others the sense of reaching and completing the next extra mile and add to the benefit of the team.
  • Inspire people for a better future and help them to focus on the priorities of life.
  • The leader would perfectly communicate, understand, and aid his followers. Assisting can also include constructive criticism.
  • Should not fear the risk moments and deal with it courageously.
  • Have proper insight and targeted goals.

How to Teach Kids to Be Leaders?

Kids can be taught leadership skills in different ways; they will have to see the various viewpoints in a situation, set goals, try to do their best at everything, develop an overall positive attitude, understand that mistakes will happen but that is a way to learn, get enrolled in extracurricular activities, learn how to make decisions, learn to spend money rightly etc. Here are some useful activity ideas to culminate leadership qualities in kids –

Activity 1 – Yes I Can

Teach your child the power of positive attitude by making them understand the value of these three words. It’s far easier to say I cannot and draw back but it takes courage to say ‘Yes I can’ and do it. Create simple assignments at home like trying out a new recipe or completing some school assignments all by his/her own – encourage the child and let her / him complete it; do not forget to applaud whatsoever the result may be.

Activity 2 – “It’s not a Problem, it’s a Challenge”

Such activities would teach the kid the virtue of overcoming adversity. Everyday lives are filled with challenges; you need not really plan any out. Let the kid not take them as “problems” but challenges to overcome by their magnitude. Just try and take away the concept of “I Can’t”, the first step to become a leader is to always say “Yes, I Can.” As each challenge is an opportunity to learn a new lesson.

Activity 3 – “Never give up, never give up!”

This step of learning leadership qualities will give the child a virtue of lifetime – perseverance. Never stop or give up while you face any challenge. All difficulties come with a solution; the easiest path might also not be the best path always. Just try to make the kid understand the importance of patience and staying calm. Some difficult puzzles, educational activities can be initiated to build this habit of persistence and fulfilling commitments.

A kid can be taught leadership skills through countless activities. You get online assistance for such courses as well that teach your child leadership skills professionally based on the age. However, it can be started at home really early from the age of toddlers. Playschool environment is created in a way that actually trains a kid to become self sufficient and a leader all by her / his own.


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