Ideas for Learning Activities for Toddlers

Your child needs to be able to develop his brain to be able to grow. This means looking for some learning activities for toddlers to be able to help with this. The good news is that there are some, perfect for the different age brackets of your child’s development.

Learning activities for toddlers 12 to 14 months

To start off with, the activities need to be fun for someone so young to take part in. You will also need to keep the activities very simple because your child is only just developing an understanding of who he is.

Using blocks to aid with counting or colors is a great way to develop the brain. You can join in with this by getting your child to pass you the blocks. As the blocks are passed, you will either need to count or name the color of the block. Repetition is how babies learn and you will be offering that with the game or other learning activities for toddlers.

Another way to handle colors and even shapes is through the use of cards.

A deck of cards has two sets of colors and four suits and you can ask your child to help you sort the deck into groups. This is a fun activity but is something that you will need to take some time on.

15 to 17 months

Your child will want to explore and learn more and this is the time to encourage that with learning activities for toddlers. This is usually the time that your toddler will start making up stories for playtime, such as conversations on the telephone or tea party talk.

Allow your child to develop these skills by encouraging the play – join in with the tea party or a game of dress-up but allow your child to decide on the storyline.

This is a great time to help with putting some money in a piggy bank for spending. The benefit of this is that your child can count the money on a regular basis. Start off with quarters, since they are bigger, and then work your way into smaller coins.

You will find that your child enjoys this so much that she will want to count again and again. Let your child shake the piggy bank – she will enjoy the sound too.

18 to 24 months

Your toddler will start to understand you more and will do more. There is a lot of independence so you will find that your child wants to run off and play without you. Encourage this in the garden or in the park where you can keep an eye on him and are in a safe environment.

If you had no luck with the deck of cards activity before, this may be the time to try again. You could make it a little more difficult too by asking your child to organize the piles in different ways, such as picture cards or in groups of five.

The young age is a great time to build up the brain and work on social, motor and other skills. Making learning fun will mean that your child will be happier to learn – this will mean that he takes more in. It makes sense to find the perfect learning activities for toddlers.



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