3 Ideas for Music Activities for Children

Music is something that many people love, whether they just want to listen to it or play an instrument. A child will become curious about music at some point – usually it means a lot of banging around and just making general noise. However, with some music activities for children, you can help nurture the curiosity and avoid it just being noise.

Music activities for children – Playing the spoons

You will be amazed by the sound that spoons make but your kids will love it. The best thing is that you can join in to show your child how to play with them, which works as some perfect bonding time between the two of you.

Just take two teaspoons and two tablespoons from your drawer and have fun with showing how they can make different sounds.

Your child will need some guiding at a young age but he or she will definitely find it fun – on a plus side, your child will be allowed to make noise without being told off so there will be no tantrums.

Make a shaker

Kids love rattles because it means their movements help to make the sounds. You can make your own with a plastic bottle and some dried rice.

Make sure the top is screwed on tightly so that your child does not try to take it off. If you really want to get adventurous with music activities for children, consider putting bells into the bottle too to really add music.

Make two or three shakers with different sized bottles. This will mean that there are different sounds for your child to explore and play with. Like the spoons, join in with your child as this will offer a great opportunity to bond.

Using rubber bands

Flicking rubber bands will help make noise and there are different sizes of bands that you can choose from. Place these on books, bottles and anything else that you can think of and allow your child to flick at them. This will give your child a chance to listen to the different notes made and also explore different levels of force when flipping the bands.

Like the other two, this works well as a kids’ group activity among music activities for children and will aid with bonding. Remember to check the rubber bands regularly to make sure they are not losing their stretchiness and will not snap while your child is playing with them.

You can put all three of these music activities for children together. Encourage your child to play with the different instruments together, which will help organize a family band. This will help to add more fun and entertainment for the whole group.

Children love making noise and it makes sense to encourage that through music activities for children. It will help with bonding while also avoiding any tantrums when items are taken off of the children. Another benefit is that you can control what is played with so there are less chances of your valuable crockery being broken in the name of fun and exploration.



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