Party Games Ideas for Teenagers

In order to make sure that the party you organize will be a blast the best thing you could do is to think about party games ideas for teenagers. The good news is that there are a lot of ideas that you can use and all the participants will have the time of their lives.



For this game you need old pantyhose. Fill the bottom part of it with flour and tie a knot. Then prepare another snowball, repeating until you reach the top part. A pantyhose is supposed to be enough for 5-6 snowballs. Kids can throw them around several times before they pop.

Watermelon Pool Race

For some fun in the pool you should think of this one of the ideas for teenagers’ party games. Have to watermelons covered with petroleum jelly. Then make up two teams and each team gets a watermelon. The main point is to race through the pool with the watermelons.

Passing the Peanut

When thinking about the party games ideas for teenagers, think about this game. All the players should stand or sit in a circle and have a spoon in their mouths. Place a peanut in the spoon of the first player. He or she should go to the next player and pass the peanut into their spoon.

Spin a Dare

Everybody knows the game spin the bottle. However, to make this one of the tips for teenagers’ party games more interesting, you should write dares on small pieces of paper. Whomever the bottle lands on has to pick a dare and entertain the others.

Whipped Cream

If the teens don’t mind getting messy because of the party games ideas for teenagers, you should think about whipped cream. For this you will need a paper plate and place a gum on it. Cover the gum with whipped cream and have the players find the gum with their hands in the back.

Footsy Pop

This one of the teens’ ideas for party games will get really loud. All the players have to tie a balloon to their foot and the main point is to try to pop the other players’ balloon. The winner is the last person with a balloon on their foot.

As you can see, there are a lot of party games ideas for teenagers that kids can enjoy and that are extremely cheap to prepare.


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