Planning a Wonderland for Winter – Candles Bring Magic Home

Candle making can be a fun-filled and rewarding activity for the kids. They can extend their creativity and it assists them in overall development of their mental abilities.

They can customize candles according to their needs by choosing different colours, shapes and scents.

The art of candle making has become immensely popular in today’s world, with large number of parents teaching their kids to mould candles which in turn provides a lot of time for parents to interact with their kids. This art keeps the child busy and plays a vital role in enhancing his/her creativity.wonderland for winter


Parental supervision is a must as candle making involves a procedure where the kids might injure themselves, so they should be briefed with various safety rules and regulations before getting involved in the candle making activity. The instructions relevant to candle crafting remain same for all varieties of candles, the only difference remains in the ingredients used and the design.

Candle making is a good hobby which helps the kids later to self finance or raise money for their personal expenses. Individuals who enjoy making candles can easily showcase their creativity by crafting candles in different designs.

Novice candle makers can always refer numerous books and sources available on the web world that assists them in candle making activity.

 To make the events or celebrations memorable, parents can encourage their kids to explore their creativity in making few decorative candles in varied shapes and sizes which include poured wax candles, beeswax rolled candles, sand candles, molded candles, recycled jar candles and ice candles.

For occasions like Halloween and Christmas, candles play a major role in creating an inviting ambiance in the home. For more personalised candle making ideas for such occasions, one can always buy Yankee Candles as they are reputed worldwide for their candle making.

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