6 Tips for Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party

There’s no better feeling in the world than making your child feel like he is the happiest kid on earth. The best part about throwing a birthday party for a kid is that it takes very little to put a smile on his face. You don’t have to spend lots of money, nor will your kid ask for a gorgeous party dress or a fancy yacht. All you need is a little creativity to throw the most exciting birthday bash for your kid.

6 Tips for Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Party theme

Pick a theme that is your child’s favorite, and organize the party based on that theme. It can be a funky sports theme, or an art party theme, a Disney princess theme or a playful dinosaur theme. Include your kid in the designing and decorations part. Make your little one paint and prepare the invitation cards, little and fancy parting gifts for the guests, wall hangings based on the theme, themed crafts, origami, etc. Invent a few fun games for the kids to play that will be based on the theme.

Party games

This is the most important part of a kid’s birthday party. Make sure the environment is frolicsome and there are a lot of fun games for the little kids. Musical chairs, freeze dance, balloon race, biscuit race, hit and run, spoon and marble race, skipping competition are a few games that are quite popular among the kids. Make the necessary arrangements for the games. Paint the track with white chalk; gather few things that you will need- like spoons, marbles, balloons, biscuits, skipping ropes etc.

Party food and drinks

No party is complete without food and drinks. Try to keep it healthy and nutritious when it comes to party food and drinks, and of course non-alcoholic.  But don’t just serve boring fruits and vegetables. Bake a large batch of cupcakes and bigger cakes. Garnish the cakes in a way that suits the party theme. Kids love cakes and candies and anything sweet. Keep the supply of cakes, candies, pastries and cookies constant. For drinks, you can opt for lemonade, fruit juices, milkshakes and soft drinks. Apart from desserts and drinks, you need to make sure that the food you choose is liked by the children. The things that indulge them the most are tasty cheese chicken burgers, finger food, French fries, sandwiches, pizzas, etc.

Party activities

You will have to do something to calm down the kids who are now tired from all the running around and eating and drinking. Utilize the library room, or the drawing room for keeping the kids entertained during the afternoon lull. A story-telling session is the best option to soothe the kids. Gather them all and read out loud. Play soft music and let them doze off if they feel like.

Party expenditure

Keep this as minimum as you can. Don’t go for anything extravagant like an evening display of fireworks or booking a hotel floor for your kid’s birthday party. You don’t have to distribute expensive toys amongst the kids. Instead, go for goodies and souvenirs that are fun and simple and cost no more than a few pennies.

Party First-Aid

Make sure that you have the first-aid kit ready in case of any kind of mishap and minor accident. Keep an ice pack and a few Band-Aids, antiseptic lotions and ointments at hand.


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