Spring Craft Ideas for Kids

One of the best things about spring is that it offers a lot of things to do for kids. There are a lot of materials that you can find in nature, like sticks, twigs and shells.

These provide you with many different ideas to offer some fun for your kids. For ideas you could also consider the kids craft kits at Factory Direct Craft.

Spring Craft Ideas for Kids

Bird mobile

The best thing about these birds is that they can make the imagination of children soar. The best material that you could think about is shells that are flat.

Naturally you could experiment with other kinds of materials as well.

You could expose these birds individually or to make a flock of birds. Of course you can also find kids craft kits projects of this kind if you don’t like the natural materials.

Pebble owls

A few little owls can inspire the creativity of children. All you need are a few pebbles and some acrylic paint. In the same time you could also use brush pens that are easier to use if you have to work on small surfaces.

When looking for pebbles, keep an eye out for those that have relatively flat bottoms. This is because these can stand on their own.


If you have to organize a play date or birthday party, think about allowing the kids to create their own daisy bags. After the party is over children will love to take home the bags that they created.

You can find simple fabric bags in craft stores and also online. The children only have to decorate the bags with flowers. The same idea can also be used in case of white T-shirts.


If you have some vacations of the seaside you could look for some driftwood. Naturally you can also buy driftwood from different websites. All you have to do in this case is to glue the different pieces together for the monster to take shape. It is best to go for a figure or an animal that is relatively easy for children to recognize.

Easter eggs

When Easter comes there is no need for kids craft kits. It is also good to know that in the majority of the cases they are excited about picking leaves. It is a good idea to use the leaves that the kids pick to color the eggs. Use some food coloring and make sure that the pattern of the leaves is visible.


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