Proper Play Date Etiquette

It is wonderful when you find children who love to play with your children.

Here are some rules you should follow to make sure your play date goes well.

If your child is sick, or you suspect he may be getting sick, cancel the play date. To do otherwise would be inconsiderate.

After all, you would not want another parent to knowingly expose your child to an illness, would you?play date

If your child still naps, try to avoid scheduling a play date during nap time.

The younger your child, the shorter the play date should be.

Play dates should start and end on time. If you are leaving your child at another parent’s house, make sure you arrive a few minutes before the play date ends, and make sure you leave a cell phone number so that you can be reached if you are needed.

Before you leave, your child, and possibly you depending on your child’s age, should help put away any toys [child toys] or clean up the play area.

If snacks will be served during the play date, be sure to check with all parents regarding any food allergies.

Be sure to take your turn hosting play dates. They offer children a wonderful time to play and enjoy each other’s company, and can be a great time for parents to enjoy socializing as well.


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