Learn About the Side Effects of Video Games on Children

An addiction is just an addiction no matter what name you choose to give it.

So many parents are dealing with the side effects of video games on children because so many kids are addicted to video games.

side effects of video games on children

Significant decrease of school performance

Maybe you just bought a new Xbox to your little one. He most likely desired it because other kids have it so there’s no wonder he would like to spend a lot of time using it.

However when his degrees start to drop and you receive complaints from the teachers about his lack of attention and performance it means you have to deal with negative side effects of children playing video games.

This happens because he stays up late to play and his love for the game gets him tired making him lose interest in preparing his homework and paying attention to classes.

The child is losing social skills

This is another one of the side effects of children playing video games. Like everything else one overdoes in life, spending a lot of time playing video games decreases the social skills of children.

They tend to talk less, have less patience to communicate, refuse to go out, and react badly when interacting with other children.

Sleep disorders and hyperactivity

Children tend to sleep less after playing video games not to mention that shooters and racing games are often responsible for agitated sleep. Another side effect of kids playing video games is children becoming hyperactive. The recent studies have shown that a major percent of the kids suffering from ADHD and ADD started to develop the condition after playing video games for long periods of time.

Obesity and violent behavior

The children spending a lot of time playing video games are less inclined to go outside and play. There is no wonder that obesity is one of the negative effects of kids playing video games. While playing such games kids tend to snack on unhealthy snacks so the road to being overweight is sure to be taken.

Another one of the side effects of video games on children is the fact that most kids start to display violent behavior as a consequence of spending a lot of time playing these games. Verbal violence and rebellion against parental authority can also come into the picture.


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