3 Great Spring Craft Ideas for Kids

Spring is a beautiful time of year and the start of the warmer weather coming. This is beneficial for many reasons, including finding something for the kids to do out of the house. There are plenty of spring craft ideas for kids to do and they can use nature to help them.

Spring craft ideas for kids – Pick up items from a nature trail

This is the time when new flowers blossom and leaves grow on trees. Many people will choose to press them to keep them for years to come and this is something that you can do with your children. You do not need much, but you will need to get out there and look for beautiful flowers and leaves for your children to keep.

Take a walk around your local park or a nature reserve and keep a look out for some of the weird and wonderful plants that are around.

You will be surprised at the types of flowers that you find. Once you get them home, do not forget to look the plants up to find out what type they are – especially if you find something that you have never seen before.

T-shirt painting

This is one of the best spring craft ideas for kids and also something that can be done inside or outside and is a great way to keep your children entertained for some time. The best thing is that these t-shirts can be worn afterwards too. You do not need to use one of their best t-shirts; look out for some cheap ones that they are likely to wear on a regular basis.

All you need is some fabric paint, brushes and possibly some sequins and glitter to stick onto the t-shirts. Let them have free reign to paint whatever they want and design it however they want. You never know; you may end up with a couple of fashion designers in the house.

Painting or making animals

There are certain animals and bugs that are common in spring and you could set up a craft day that revolves around them. There are plenty of guides for spring craft ideas for kids on the internet to help you with the how to make butterflies or ladybugs from paper. You may even want to just set up some paper with some paint or coloring pencils and let your kids draw.

Arts and crafts for kids will keep them entertained but you will help their imagination by setting some limits on what they are and are not allowed to draw or make. Just mention that you want something from spring time and then ask them to look up what they have available – they will not get stuck because there are so many options.

Looking around for spring craft ideas for kids may take some time but it is well worth it. You will get to spend some quality time with your children or you can keep them quiet while you get on with the spring cleaning around the house; you win either way.


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