Summer Activities To Keep The Kids Busy

Yes, it is challenging to keep children from getting bored during the long summer months and perhaps even more challenging to get them to limit TV and video game time. Here are some ideas that may help:

Let your child learn a new skill: There is nothing as riveting for a young child as a new skill to be mastered. Roller skating, roller blading, cycling, skate boarding, hula hooping are all skills that your child will enjoy mastering.

And the more skillful with the activity he or she gets, the more he or she will enjoy doing it.

Add to this the attraction of getting a new or improved set of skates, or a bigger cycle and you will have your child doing their best to excel in their chosen activity.

A creative skill: For a younger child, play doh or clay is an excellent way to keep the child occupied. With a little guidance, the child can engage in being creative and fashion little things that will delight him or her.

For an older child, get paints and other materials, with some basic instruction manuals about the techniques to be used. If your child already shows interest in one creative pursuit and is already quite proficient with painting, introduce them to another creative pursuit; sketching for instance.

Enroll your child in a summer activity camp: This could be a summer soccer camp or any other game that the child could pick up. This will be excellent structured activity for your child where they can either be with their friends or make new ones.

It will also ensure that your child is part of consistent physical activity that adds to their fitness and general well being. And who knows you may end up finding skills in your child you did not know existed!

Learn a musical instrument: The child could also pick up a new passion such as music by learning to play a musical instrument: guitar, violin, piano classes could not only keep them interested, they could be the start of a lifelong passion!

Craft or hobby class: A hobby class such as learning to make papier mache objects, doll or toy making, pottery workshops, and many other craft related classes are also an excellent idea to keep kids occupied and interested as well.

So plenty of ideas there; just make sure that you consider your child’s input here as well. Make sure this is an activity that is age appropriate and interesting for them.

And if your child would rather get into a particular activity rather than another because their friends are there too, consider their argument as well.


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