4 Ideas for Summer Camp Activities for Kids

Summer camp is a great way to keep kids entertained while parents are still at work. However, this is often a stressful time for the camp leaders as they find something to do.

If you are running a camp, there are chances that you are looking for ideas for summer camp activities for kids. Here are just a handful of ideas.


Summer camp activities for kids – Set up a crafts day

The best way to organize the camp is by offering set days for the kids. A crafts day is often an excellent option because it keeps so many kids entertained. Many kids love to make things, whether it is paint a picture or make a scrapbook of their time at camp.

There is very little that you need for a crafts day; just some paper, glue and pencils. These are just the essentials and you can add whatever you want to the mix – maybe add some glitter or stickers so the children can really make their work stand out.

Set up an activities day

If you want the children to sleep on at night, you need to give them a way to burn their energy. One of the best ways to do this is for them to get involved in sporting summer camp activities for kids, such as basketball, soccer and even just fun childish games that involve a lot of running around.

You will need to look at the area that you have available, but there is the choice of going to a local park. You do not need much for these activities; just a ball to kick or throw around and groups of kids for teams.

Quiet time

As it gets to the end of the night, you need to find a way to cut down the excitement. The best way to do that is to enforce some quiet time for the kids. Many summers camps for kids will do this by having cocoa just before bedtime and will also offer songs. This is an excellent option if you have a place to offer a log fire and toast marshmallows.

Another option in summer camp activities for kids is just to offer some free time. There are times that the children will just want some time for themselves and hang around with their new friends. Set up a free space with small activities like a games console and just an area to hang out. The shy ones will particularly enjoy this.

Set up outings

There are times that you will all need to be away from the campsite so set up some outings. Look at the local area and find something interesting to do. Museums and farms can be really fun and will also give the kids a chance to be away from the adults and hang around with their new friends.

Make sure you look at attractions that are going to be fun for the children and not at something that you want to do – this is for them, after all.



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