Exciting Summer Fitness Activities for Children

Summer holidays are something for which every kid waits for; the break from studies and unlimited fun, frolic and sports are just adorable for children of all ages. Of course, these months get a bit more challenging for the parents to handle the kids; but the vacation can be turned into a fruitful learning through fun experience if you get your child into the apt activity.

Summer Fitness Activities for Children


Nowadays, there are ample of options that make your child stay at home into the couch – like play stations, television shows, computers, video games etc. This unfortunately limits the child’s physical activity and experts say that children should be balancing both indoor and outdoor equally for a healthy growth. This article will give you some ideas for fun filled summer fitness activities that can be conducted in summer camps, neighbourhoods or even during picnic hours –

1. Water Sports

Children irrespective of their age love to spend hours in the water; this trait can be utilized to train them for various kinds of sports like swimming, water skiing, row boating, knee boarding, jet skiing, pedal boating, kayaking, canoeing, banana boating and monster tubing. These activities not only assure of fitness and healthy growth of the child but also help the children to develop a sense of self discipline.

2. Athletics

Physical activities are just the most essential part of a child’s regime, which is often left ignored due to academic pressure. Summer vacation is a good time to get the kid involved in all sorts of athletics like floor hockey, field hockey, basketball, tennis, kickball, volleyball, golf driving range, soccer, gaga, softball, and Odyssey course. There is no substitute of fitness that comes from athletics.

3. Adventure Trails and Special Outings

Wherever you reside in, there must be a host of expedition spots in and around the city that will prove to be a good educational spot for your kid. In the vocational mood, you can take the kid for amusement parks, science shows, museums, horseback riding, nature hikes, and miniature golf.

4. Calisthenics and Fitness

For the sake of competition and a complete growth from all aspects, parents strive to train their children in every possible dimension. Summer camps are great options for the enrolment of classes teaching aerobics, kick boxing, self-defence, step classes, dance, weight training, yoga, Tae Bo, toning, zumba, and mixed martial arts (MMA). Just check in which section your kid is interested in and get him / her enrolled and see the best potentials hidden in your kid.

5. Cultural Activities

Rooting your child with culture is important and it can be best done during vacations. Take the child to cultural plays, musical events, drama shoots, evening socials, arts & crafts classes and talent shows. Whatever inputs come into the child will be precious in long run.

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