Top Educational Games for Kids

The best thing about puzzle and educational toys is that they challenge the child.

After a certain age, they need to be challenged and this is when the parents start looking for the top educational games for kids.

The good news is that there are a lot of games to choose from for every taste.

Wit’s End Junior

Through this game the children can learn about history, geography, science and a lot more while they develop skills for reasoning, concentrating and sequencing. The game comes with over 12,000 questions and 160 cards. On one side, there are questions for 8-10 years old children and on the other side, there are questions for children of 11 and 12.


The main point of this game is to develop concentration and memory. When using this one of the educational games for kids that are on top the players have 30 seconds to look at a picture and then they are asked questions regarding the picture. There are more than 160 image cards and over 960 questions.


The good thing about this one of the top educational games for kids is that it makes children concentrate, it develops memory and it also makes children come up with strategies. The main point is to take cards and place chips on the board accordingly.Top Educational Games for Kids

Rush hour

In case of this top educational game for children the players will have to use reasoning and logic, not to mention critical thinking, strategies and skills for solving problems. The aim of the game is to get the car out of a traffic jam that is created according to the cards.


The parents looking for the top educational games for kids should really consider this one because it improves spelling and vocabulary. The game is something like Scrabble: the players have to spell out word using their tiles until they have no tiles left.


Again, this one of the best educations games for children focuses on developing the vocabulary of the child and it encourages spelling. It comes with tiles that are mixed and the players have to find as many words as they can with the highest points in three minutes.

There are some other top educational games for kids that you might like. It is best to try as many as possible to see which ones are the most suitable for the child.


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