Top Kids Learning Games

It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children and to prepare them for life as well as they can. In order to do so you might be interested in the top kids’ learning games.

The good news is that there are a lot of games to choose from, but it may become overwhelming to make a decision.

Top Kids Learning Games

Wit’s End Junior

If the kids play this game they can learn about history, geography, science, and they can develop their reasoning, concentrating, and sequencing skills. It is also a challenging game, determining children to think about riddles and rhymes. The game contains over 1,200 questions on 160 cards.


Just as the name suggests, it can develop the concentration and memory of children. The main point of the game is to have the players stare at a picture for half a minute and then they are asked questions to check how much they can remember about it.


This is one of the top kids’ learning games because it develops concentration and memory and it encourages children to develop a strategy. According to the rules players have to take turns, pick cards and place the right pictures on the board. The winner is whoever has four pictures in one row.

Rush hour

When looking for the kids’ learning games that are the best you should think about this one that teaches reasoning and logic and that improves critical thinking, problem solving, and strategy development. Just as the name suggests, the main point is to get a red car out of the traffic jam.


If you are looking for the top kids’ learning games, this is one to consider. It can teach children how to spell words and it increases their vocabulary. All the players get tiles and they have to work independently to come up with words that use all the letters that they have.


Just as the previous one of the children’s top learning games also increases vocabulary. At the beginning the letters are shaken up and the players have 3 minutes to find the most words that they can.

Naturally if you are looking for the top kids’ learning games there are some others as well that you might want to consider and also think about the personality of your child.


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