Pros and Cons of Video Games and Wii Games for Kids

Wii Games are those video games that are designed to be played on the Nintendo video gaming console; Microsoft X Box and Sony’s Play Station or other popular gaming consoles.

Certain features of the Wii console, such as the Wii remote that lets the user control the game wirelessly and which detects movements in 3 D is what makes Wii games for kids very popular.

Clearly there are a number of negative points to these games, or rather video games in general that parents would likely be wary of–

  • The biggest problem with video games is that they keep kids indoors and sedentary. The natural play and human interfacing with other kids that children need is absent when a child is playing an artificial game with an electronic medium. This tends not only to make kids unhealthy but also makes them grow up lacking certain social skills.
  • Many video games have violence in them, which have their obvious drawbacks.
  • Video games can be addictive and cause kids to crave for them.
  • Research even suggests that brain development may be negatively impacted with video games and that kids’ ability to pay attention to activities and occupy themselves quietly could be seriously impacted.

However Wii games for kids, particularly age appropriate ones that have received good reviews from users can have the following positive impact; other than the obvious one of keeping the kids occupied and out of your hair.

For instance there is the basic eye-hand coordination that can be enhanced. Further kids can learn about team building, cooperation and strategizing with the better video games.

Also some of the newer Wii games for children and adults also incorporate physical activity which does at least get kids somewhat active.

It is important that video games be age appropriate and that they do not contain anything that is unsuitable for the age of the child who will be using it – for this parental guidelines and ratings should be viewed carefully.

Also be careful to pick video games that offer some educational or developmental possibilities, and not just those that are created for entertainment.

There are many Wii games for kids that have received good reviews from users as well as experts such as the reputed reviewers over at –

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns is a new version of one of the most popular video game creatures. Donkey Kong is a large ape and his adventures are the feature of this Wii game.
  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn is another of the Wii game that has received overall excelled reviews, and is a whimsical story about Kirby who has been whisked away from Dream Land which is his home. Kirby has landed in Patch Land, which is peopled with creatures and backdrops made of thread and cloth.
  • In addition Cnet recommends other Wii games for kids such as New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Galaxy II, Call of Duty – Black Ops, Lost in Shadow and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 and several others as well.


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