Winter Activites To Keep Your Kids Busy

Whether you live in a snow filled climate or in a warmer area, the winter can be a tough time for your children. Being cooped up inside for long hours can result in a lot of inactivity and crankiness.

After Christmas is especially hard on children, and their parents, as the after holidays let down can make it even harder.

While you could put on a video and let your child watch it while you surf the net, why not get involved with them and keep their brains and bodies active?

Here are several ideas for fun activities to keep your children from driving you crazy this winter.

Shaving Cream “Snow” Play

This is especially fun for toddlers but even older children can have a blast making their own “snow” pictures. Dress your child in old clothes and put an old sheet or tablecloth down on the floor below your play area.

On a clean table, place several cans of shaving cream. You can also get scented bath foam for children that is basically the same thing.

Allow the kids to spray the “snow” all over the table in drifts. They can then spread it out and play with it. Encourage them to draw pictures in the “snow” or make a “snow” man.

The feeling of the shaving cream will make them giggle and it is so easy to clean up that you won’t mind it at all. This activity could keep your toddler or younger child busy for quite some time!

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