Adopting A Teenager Is A Worthy Adventure

Many couples adopt, either because they want to help a child or because they can’t or won’t have a child of their own.

No matter the reasons, when most choose to adopt, they usually choose young children or babies rather than teenagers. There are a few reasons for this choice.

The couple may want to experience all the stages of parenting, from diaper changing to waving them off at college.

The younger the child, the better the chance they can be instilled with the couples’ values and beliefs, and a better chance of being called “mom” and “dad”.adopting teen

Teenagers can be more challenging because they already come equipped with certain behaviors and beliefs and not all of them may be good. Teenagers are also in that rebellious stage everyone goes through.

To change their views requires a lot more effort and attention. They will also, most likely, not call their new parents “mom” and “dad”. But there are also good points to adopting a teenager.

The couple can skip the diaper changing and potty training stage of the parenting program. Many teenagers who enter the foster system suffer greatly from the loss of their family. With patience and love, these teenagers can be given the necessary tools to rejoin the world.

A teenager can add a new dynamic to a family and open up the entire group to new perspectives. The payoff of seeing a teenager, who has had such a hard life so early, open up is an extremely rewarding experience.

Also, if you really want to be a parent to someone, you have a better shot at getting a teenager since most couples strive to adopt babies. Think about it from the perspective that you are helping someone who already feels unwanted because they lost their family, and are feeling even more alone because all new parents want a child that is younger.

Anyone who goes through life feeling alone is likely to become a destructive individual and by adopting a teenager you are truly changing the world, one teenager at a time.


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