Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques

Cognitive behavioural therapy is the kind of psychotherapy in which the stress is on understanding the significance of human behaviour. This therapy tries to understand the modes of human thinking and human actions. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a general term used for various therapies which aim at understanding the human actions and human thinking process.

Various cognitive behaviouraltherapy techniques such as rational behavioural therapy, rational living therapy, dialectic behavioural therapy, rationalemotive behavioural therapy and cognitive therapy help in improving behaviour to a great extent. CBT is based on the concepts that the thoughts of an individual decides the feelings and behaviour of anindividual and external factorshave no role in deciding the thoughts of an individual.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on the attitudes, images, beliefs and thoughts of anindividual.  These reactions are called as cognitive processes which try to understand the cause behind the emotional problems. CBT techniques try and change the negative pattern thinking which could be causing troubles in life. CBT sessions happen once in a week and the treatment may go on for few months to years. CBT techniques help you to learn some principles which will help you tackle your problems even after you leave the therapy.
  • CBT follows a hand on technical approach for solving any personal problem. It follows an approach of changing the thinking pattern which could be responsible behind many personal issues. The thoughts and beliefs of the patient are focused for changing them towards positive improvements.
  • CBT is usually a short term techniques which is completed in 7-8 months. Each session could be like 1 hour long and there are some set of principles which are applied for treating the people suffering from behavioural disorders. It is a combination of behavioural therapy and psychotherapywhich focuses on beginning and building of the thinking patterns. The habits which might have developed from childhood are focused for understanding the root cause of negative thinking patternin patients.
  • CBT therapy is different from many other sessions of psychotherapy because unlike regular sessions, CBT has structured sessions. These sessions are not normal conversational sessions; here client and therapist have a set of goals which are pre-decided before the session.  These sessions are designed towards various problems like sleeping badly, problems in focusing and concentrating on a single thing and trouble in socialising with others.


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