Common Behavioral Problems in Children

As children grow, they will become more aware of what is expected from them and they will be able to take responsibility for their actions. However, with time the common behavioral problems in children will also come to surface and this is something that is difficult for the majority of parents to handle.

Common Behavioral Problems in Children


This means that the child often says ‘no’ and he or she refuses to do things you or your partner ask him or her to do. This is one of the most common problems that the parents are facing. However if you are patient and you use the right techniques, it will be quite easy to get along with the child.


If you are thinking about the frequent behavioral problems in children, you might have noticed that it takes a lot of time for your children to get things done. The problem often appears in the morning when the child has to get dressed or while eating.

Sibling fighting and rivalry

Although the children may love each other, it is normal to see the common behavioral problems in children: fighting and rivalry. This is something that cannot go unnoticed and if you have the right attitude, you will be able to make it better.


This is one of the behavioral problems in children that are frequent and that can make parents go crazy. When whining, children make a sound that’s the most annoying sound known to mankind. Although the little one is using a very good strategy to convince you of something, there are some strategies to ‘strike back’.

Talking back

When thinking about the common behavioral problems in children, keep in mind that this is a phase that every child goes through. In this case, the main point is to teach the child to express himself or herself in a more respectful manner.

Shy kids

The truth about this common children’s behavioral problem is that a lot of parents think that it is a drawback for their child. However, the specialists claim that the shy kids could have a lot of advantages in life, exactly because they are introverts.

Some other ones of the common behavioral problems in children include lying as well. In this case too, you have to remember that this is just a phase and you should do your best to guide the child towards the right path.


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