Common Behaviour Problems in Children

There are times that children will be unable to sleep or will develop different types of behavioral problems at some point in their life. It is important to understand and help your child to work through them. Behaviour problems in children are often split into different categories to help with the diagnosis and the treatment.

Behaviour problems in children – Psychological disorders

These are among some of the most common of all types of problems and will show in a variety of different ways. There are times when it is due to the different emotions that they are feeling, especially when it comes to anxiety or depression, and there are other times that it will be linked to their mental performance.

These types of child disorders will have many different reasons behind them. Some will struggle due to an inconsistent parenting style while others will struggle due to family issues. There are others who will suffer because of a trauma at some point in their life.

It is often difficult to determine the type of behaviour problems in children that a child is suffering from because many mimic each other. The best way to deal with psychological problems is by being open about them and just talking to each other. Let your child know that you are there for him or her and offer group or individual therapy.


At some point in their lives, children develop habits. Some of these habits are good but there are others that are bad. It is important to look out for the development of these bad ones so that you can stop them from becoming an issue. Some of the most common habits in children include sucking the thumb, biting the nails and banging the head.

It is often difficult to determine the reason for the habits becoming an issue. There are times that this is just something that a child has picked up on and does not realize that it will do any harm. At the same time, there are some that develop due to a traumatic experience. There are others that occur while the child is alone; this is usually the case with hair pulling or banging the head.

Anxiety problems

These are common but are part of normal development. All children will go through anxiety at some point in their lives; however, around 7 percent of the children will develop a disorder. This disorder may develop into some type of phobia or other behaviour problems in children, including OCD and social phobias.

Many of the disorders in children will develop due to a problem in the home so this will need to be fixed before treatment. The child will need to know that he or she is in a safe environment before he or she will be able to get over the problem.

There are many different types of behaviour problems in children that they develop over their lifetime. Some of these will manifest for unknown reasons and will need constant supervision; others develop due to a trauma or event that has happened in the home.


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