Dealing With Toddler’s Anger

No matter whatever may be the reason, at some point or other, it is quite common for every toddler to kick or hit his mother. This kind of aggression is quite normal for toddlers and can be controlled with few simple measures.

Identify the triggers

Toddlers-AngerTriggers for anger in toddlers can be anything including hunger, stress, exhaustion, boredom and overstimulation. So, try to figure out what sets your little one off and keep your child away from it.


When your child appears to be on the edge of flare-up, distract him/her to other interesting things like animals, music or anything that your child likes. However, this trick can work 50% effective.

Show affection

Let your child realize that you genuinely care his feelings and situation. Show him your love and affection and make your child realize that you respect his feelings.

Allow others to handle

If it seems like your toddler’s anger aggravates with your involvement, allow either your family member or friends to handle the condition. At times a new person with fresh mind generally helps to handle the condition in much pleasant way.

Compliment good behavior

If you child deals the anger in much positive way, praise your child for his wonderful effort and let your child know that you notice his work.


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