Digital Drugs – What Are Those?

‘Digital drugs’ are available off the internet for a variety of different reasons – they supposedly help you relax and relieve stress, they improve your mood and confidence, improve sexual performances and even help acquire extra sensory powers – some of the effects of marijuana, LSD, cocaine and ecstasy can apparently be simulated with digital drugs. So obviously, digital drugs are one more thing for parents to worry about in this internet age.

Brainwave software is available from the internet for appliances such as the computer, iPod, phone etc – they use binaural beats and ambient sounds to make people feel more excited and energetic – they claim to be safe and supposedly have no health risks.

If the website actually manage to induce the kind of changes they claim to be able to, parents most certain need to worry.

If even more of the effects such as those engendered by drugs – hallucinations, distortion of reality, impaired coordination and poor reflexes result from digital drugs, then we need to worry.

However, as of now there is no evidence that digital drugs work. Parents can do well to keep in mind though, that a child’s willingness to try them out should alert them to their children’s emotional vulnerability to try out the real thing as well.


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